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Wellness for the Whole Community

Dealing with distance learning during a year-long pandemic, we could certainly use wellness in many areas of our life! Physical fitness (hello sitting in front a screen for hours on end).  Emotional health (see pandemic, above! … and so many working, schooling, and living at once, together, under one roof). Nutrition (providing three+ meals a day, every day, zzzz). This week we will explore holistic wellness with fun, engaging, and relaxing synchronous (live Zoom!) and asynchronous (recorded videos) programs. See below for the calendar of events!

Wellness Resources: Mindfulness –


Whole Body Wellness

Physical fitness, nutrition, and mental and emotional well-being

MoRe FuN!




Let’s Play! Bingo and Window Art

Your child will be receiving a postcard BINGO! If you need another copy, download it by clicking the Bingo Card button, below. Get “Bingo” – 5 boxes in a row – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally – by performing the wellness tasks in the boxes. Or go wild and try to fill the entire card! (The middle “lion” box is a freebie.) When your child gets “Bingo” – snap a photo and return to the front office and be entered to win one of 3 $25 Sports Basement gift cards and more fun DFES prizes!!



Why We Are Raising Money

The DFES PTA helps provide programs and support at our fantastic public school including: Literacy Support through our amazing Literacy Specialist, Lara Karchmar – $42,500. Art Programs through our creative wonders, Ms. Crystal and Ms. Sharon, and art supplies – $23,000. $500 for every teacher to use at their discretion – $20,000. BrainPop! – $3,500. Raising money in this time of distance learning and quarantining is a challenge. We hope this fun week brings wellness to our community while raising needed funds for our school!

For more information about what the DFES PTA funds, click the button below.



Funds for DFES!

Programs Supported by the PTA


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